We focus on corporate web interactions

Who we are

We are knowledgeable – we know our subject and share our knowledge – rigorous – we take an in-depth approach to everything we do – dedicated – we search for solutions until we find them.


We have engaged in corporate communications since our foundation in 2005. From our beginnings in offline financial topics we have expanded into non-financial web content.

Our location is Lisbon but our market is the set of European listed companies that want to upgrade their corporate communications to earn trust, share information and build reputation.

We know the subject matter of corporate communications. We understand the issues that matter to investor relations as much as those that are relevant to employer branding or sustainability.

Our values of openness, trust and accountability are embedded in everything we do. We follow societal trends that affect corporate behaviour and try and influence the conduct of business enterprises.

What we do

Our work spans content and functionality and is based on research and knowledge. Our long-time exposure to essential web topics has given us the ability to advise and act.


Sinóptica identifies gaps in online corporate communications and suggests ways of closing them. It may be missing content, blurred messages, or simply key facts or thoughts that require further explanation.


We also take the next step and write content that raises understanding. We research client goals to devise formulations that inspire trust and build reputation.

Through our study C-Tracker and our partners at Siteimprove we are capable of advising on corporate content that exceeds stakeholders expectations and that is in line with winning practices.

Content perfection

  • Access world-class practices

  • Unveil the rationale of all corporate topics

  • Find out what your peers share online

  • Discover your corporate content gaps

  • Learn how to structure your corporate website

  • Grasp well designed corporate content

Why have a neat and tidy website if it is not found by your audience, if it is not accessible or if your copy is poorly written and filled with broken links? Siteimprove will help you fix all of this and more.

Website optimization

  • Find broken links

  • Correct misspellings

  • Improve readability for all users

  • Comply with the latest accessibility norms

  • Analyse your website's traffic

  • Control personal data online

  • Fine-tune your SEO

Our partners at Euroland IR provide the best share graphs for listed companies as well as several other thoughtful solutions to enhance your relationship with institutional audiences. 

Investor support

  • Share ticker and data series

  • Share graph with comparison features

  • Interactive analysis of key data

  • Fact sheet in HTML and PDF

  • Financial calendar

  • Archive of regulatory news

  • IR appand more

Sinóptica helps companies connect with online audiences by providing, on its own or with its partners, content advisory and tools that help companies share knowledge, inspire trust and build reputation. 

We are content advisers

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