Gap Insight

If you need help prioritising the development of your content and assured of the quality of each section of your corporate website, then a Gap Insight is what you need.

A Gap Insight gives you a straightforward assessment of your own corporate content and inspiration for your weaknesses from those who are sharing the message properly with the different audiences.

  • Highlight of your strengths and weaknesses

  • Your overall score by subject

  • Inspiration to fill content gaps

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Know your strengths and weaknesses

A Gap Insight is a summary of your overall performance on the content available on your website for the corporate audiences. We highlight your strengths and show you where you lag behind.

With a Gap Insight you can easily prioritise the development of new content and access inspirational practices that will help you organise your web estate.

 Your overall performance on each subject 

 Highlight of your strengths 

 Highlight of your weaknesses

 Three live cases to help you overcome your weaknesses on each subject 

Rationale of a Gap Insight

The inspiration behind Gap insights arose from our first meetings presenting  C-Tracker's Topic insights. Some of the teams we visited had the need for a qualitative analysis of its own corporate content. 


Although that assessment was intrinsically available under a Topic Insight, those teams wanted this information highlighted and ready to consume.


Our Gap Insights have then born as a response to those who want a clear and instant knowledge of the overall quality of its online corporate content.

Inspiration for your weaknesses

While Topic Insights and Peer Insights focus on particular subjects according to clients' needs, a Gap Insight covers the whole spectrum of your online corporate content.

From the About us section to Corporate Governance and Media, a Gap Insight tells you section by section which content performs well and to which you should target your efforts.

 Live cases include a bespoke comments and hyperlinks 

The best Insight to prioritise your efforts

If you, like everyone else, do not have enough time to develop all the content you want, then a Gap Insight can be of a great value to you.

Company overview
Financial information
Corporate responsibility
Strategy and values
Investor briefcase
Recent and upcoming events
Corporate governance
User experience
Company access

Our Insight offering

Unveil winning practices from Europe's largest listed companies and access a collection of carefully curated corporate content that will help you organise your web estate.

Topic Insight

Realise your position among competitors, find out what your peers are sharing with their online audience and learn how to overcome the best players in your industry.

Peer Insight

Discover your overall score, strengths and weaknesses and what information you have missing on your corporate website through this bespoke report of your online corporate content.

Gap Insight

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Tip #5. Financial calendar

People following a company's development expect to be updated about any earnings releases, investor presentations or events that may influence their judgement of the company or its activities.

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