Topic Insight

If you are looking for inspiration to develop your company's corporate content, then a Topic Insight is what you need to exceed the expectations of your online audiences.

Investors, prospective employees and other stakeholder groups expect the best from you. Don’t let them down by failing to share with them relevant information that they will readily understand.

  • Winning practices from the largest listed companies

  • Carefully curated corporate content

  • Rationale of corporate topics

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What is a Topic Insight

A Topic Insight is a collection of carefully curated examples of published corporate content that will help you develop a high-quality web estate.

Clear titles and helpful commentary will guide you through the maze of specialist corporate content and will help you decide what to adopt.


To maximise usability and return on effort, a Topic Insight emphasises imagery with a minimum addition of explanatory text.


A Topic Insight is your ready-to-use tool to upgrade web content.

 Introduction to the importance of the subject 

 Rare data on performance 

 Topics that should be made available under each subject 

 Purpose and importance of this topic 

 Concrete content to populate this topic 

 Anatomy of a Topic Insight:

Examples of live content

Enhance your corporate content

Because it focuses on a specific subject, a Topic Insight will let you easily find the content that matters to you – with the detail, the context and the brevity you need. Sooner than expected you will master every corporate content you delve into.


What do you want to do? Discover our 10 Topic Insights:

Company overview
Financial information
Corporate responsibility
Strategy and values
Investor briefcase
Recent and upcoming events
Corporate governance
User experience
Company access

What do you want to do?

Refine your company introduction

Explain your corporate strategy

Draw attention to your news flow

Ease the path to essential company numbers

Give reasons to invest

Present your corporate responsibility credentials

Introduce the company as a great place to work

or something else...

 Introduction to the importance of the component 

 Three commented real cases of the content under analysis 

 Comment and hyperlink to website 

Our Insight offering

Unveil winning practices from Europe's largest listed companies and access a collection of carefully curated corporate content that will help you organise your web estate.

Topic Insight

Realise your position among competitors, find out what your peers are sharing with their online audience and learn how to overcome the best players in your industry.

Peer Insight

Discover your overall score, strengths and weaknesses and what information you have missing on your corporate website through this bespoke report of your online corporate content.

Gap Insight

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Tip #5. Financial calendar

People following a company's development expect to be updated about any earnings releases, investor presentations or events that may influence their judgement of the company or its activities.

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