Black box

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Who would buy into a black box?

No one, you’d promptly answer. Yet, judging by the amount of relevant information coming out of public companies for other than regulatory purposes, the conviction must be well ingrained that a name is enough to attract capital, people or attention.

Is regulatory news the disclosure frontier beyond which investor communications are best advised not to venture? Many companies seem to think so, which means that outsiders have to wrench information critical to sound decision-making from press and IR departments.

“The less information we share, the better we will fare” – this is what I heard the other day. Was this an odd remark that does not reflect what most other people think or was it a candid statement summing up what most companies think without admitting it?

If a business enterprise is a space where people interact for a reward, information should flow more freely, unfettered by competitor or regulator fears. In the end, competitors already know it all and regulators can learn it on demand. What about the others?

Share your exhilarating journey by giving people the information they need. Use your own website as the prime transmitter of reliable corporate information and you will stand to gain the most. Unleash the power of this under-exploited resource now!

When will free speech otherwise come to your company?

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