Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Detail of The Taming of the Shrew, Directed by Sean Graney

Beyond the straitjacket.

Gender pay gap is all the rage. Evidence of its pervasiveness is so compelling that ignoring it is hardly an option. On top of it, the fact that the most blatant imbalances have come from the most unexpected quarters has obviously contributed to the absurdity of its very existence.

The subject is a minefield. Yet this is not the reason a discussion of its causes and effects will be avoided on this forum – its significance would otherwise warrant it. The reason is a different one – we are using the phenomenon as a pretext to assess the need for enforcement.

Is the UK the only place where gender pay gap is rampant? Probably not. The UK is just one of the few countries that are lifting the veil. Willingly? Barely. It took legislation to ferret out the truth. How long will it take for other countries to follow suit?

Can we rely on voluntary responsible behaviour or must we always call the cops?

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