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When it comes to sharing news about the company’s activity and feeding followers with media materials, Hera Group is clearly among the best. If you wish to engage with journalists or bloggers, it might be worth your while to visit Hera’s website. I’ll go a bit further and dissect what they do so you don’t miss anything.

Firstly, a useful feature is the inclusion of the latest news, press releases, upcoming events and social media feed on the homepage and media landing page. Here, Hera has the care to assort each press release with a date and time. This might sound trivial but the truth is that companies do it seldom.

Social media feeds stand out for their diversity. There are job vacancies, sustainable practices and quarterly results, which attracts a diverse audience and enhances reputation.

Once you dig deeper into the media section you discover news, press releases and stories, all separated from each other, all with dedicated filtering options that facilitate the search.

Quite uniquely, the company recognises the importance of third-party sources by offering a tab on news about the company in the national and local press.

The use of multimedia in press releases and a dedicated image and video library organised by categories give journalists the possibility to upgrade their articles with up-to-date content.

Beyond this, Hera Group shares its internal communications activities, has a dedicated page for social media posts and provides an archive of executive speech transcripts.

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