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Christmas is around the corner. This is a time for giving and sharing, to be generous and open yourself to family and friends. Maybe also a suitable time to give something extra to the audiences that follow assiduously (until when?) the progress of your company.

Think about the investment community, that is, those that make sure financial capital keeps flowing to your company so that projects can be funded and carried out.

Follow the good example of a prominent Finnish company and tell your investment community which financial goals you are targeting so that they are guided rather than left on their own.

Christmas is certainly not the right time for selfish thinking, but why not indulge in a fair dose of gratification by making a tidy contribution to your reputation?

Status of financial targets on corporate websites

Why do companies tuck away their financial targets when compelling evidence hints that money managers prize highly this piece of information?

According to our findings, out of the 123 companies in the PSI 20, Ibex 35, CAC 40 and DAX 30, only 7, or 5,7%, had financial targets posted on their websites in the second quarter of this year.

Being outspoken about financial targets pays off. Giving your followers what they look for creates bonds and promotes fair valuation, which is what you ultimately want to achieve.

Ask Wãrtsilä

This Finnish energy and industrial services company is a source of inspiration for corporate content and architecture. The information it offers is relevant and easily found.

Wãrtsilä discloses financial targets with a vengeance. Forward planning comes complete with a track record of its financial achievements – so people can gauge its credibility.

There are four different targets, means to achieve each one and records of previous years. Targets might not be subjected to a time frame but that is also explained by the company.

Take a look and judge by yourself!

Other examples of bold online sharing of financial targets

  1. Allianz

  2. Daimler

  3. Henkel

  4. Stora Enso

  5. SEB

  6. Clas Ohlson

  7. AXA

  8. Michelin

  9. Snam

  10. Generali

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