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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

How to provide news and press releases on a corporate website

Is it wrong to say that news is the content that make websites look alive? We think not. News is in fact the kind of content companies use to refresh its website, either through stories, articles or social media feeds.

Today corporate communications cannot depend solely on press releases to spread the word about its activities or stance towards socio-economic developments. To build solid relationships with all stakeholders companies should have a presence where their stakeholders spend time online. This means social media channels, news agencies’ websites and third-party industry sources apart from its own website.

To do so, companies have to create and distribute content that satisfies the needs of such channels. This requires the production of different topics and formats in a certain fast-paced rhythm.

But because our specialty are corporate websites, let's focus on what you can do with it to improve your relationship with the media, clients, regulators and all other stakeholders that follow your company closely or from afar.

Strengths of Generali’s delightful news feed

Right on the homepage after the first banner Generali offers its latest news updates properly identified and separated by categories (news, press releases, social media feed, events). Press releases have a date and time stamp and it is possible to jump directly to the archive of each category.

On the Media landing page Generali presents direct links to the most demanded Media content (news, press releases and events calendar). Besides the latest updates on each category, it is also available on this page the company’s press kit, fact sheet and general media contact at the bottom.

The press releases archive is well organised and furnished with an internal search engine and helpful filtering options. Releases are available in both HTML and PDF and if something were to be improved it would be the title of the PDFs for download and the offering of multimedia on the actual releases so stakeholders have genuine material to work with.

From Generali’s website it is possible to access the company’s official social media channels with ease. Moreover, each one is properly introduced with its rationale and a netiquette for followers is offered subsequently. Improvements to this page would be the inclusion of a social media feed such as the ones we see on Hera Group or Skanska websites.

Other content such as the calendar of events, executives’ interviews, corporate magazines, macroeconomic researches and media gallery dress up the Media section and amplify the company’s news flow.

Also, direct contact details are made available with pictures and job titles, which is a plus for those who have concrete questions or specific issues to address to the Media personnel.

The takeaway

Sinóptica exists to effectively connect companies’ corporate websites with their audience, and C-Tracker is the vehicle to achieve that through the spread of winning practices such as the one of Generali.

This issue is a prime example of a complete Media section that respects the expectations of stakeholders for online corporate content. Generali offers neat content and eases the search for relevant information through filtering options and dedicated tabs organised and labelled properly.

On top of that, by placing its Media personnel at the disposal of visitors the Italian Insurer shows corporate openness and a genuine respect for visitors’ needs.

We have just entered the new year. There is still time to add corporate openness to your resolution list.

//Use the following contact to know more about C-Tracker:

André Nunes

Head of C-Tracker

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