Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Openness builds trust.

On a personal level this statement would clearly be a truism with hardly any value. From our daily exchanges, we know for a fact that people tend to trust us more if we are open about our actions and intentions.

On the organisational level this relationship should also hold. The more we know about an organisation, the more we tend to trust it. Yet we routinely discover that corporate information flows often fall short of expectations.

Today companies interact with their – targeted or untargeted – audiences primarily through digital channels. If company followers cannot access the information they seek, their trust in the organisation is likely to wane.

If we consider this – do we have a case for corporate openness?

Sinóptica helps companies connect with online audiences by providing, on its own or with its partners, content advisory and tools that help companies share knowledge, inspire trust and build reputation. 

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