Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Isfandiyar Shaheen - from

A matter of relevance.

Early cybernetics taught us a thing or two about how to control the communication process. Message relevance, mainly for marketing purposes, was not covered until later. And the fact is that trying to communicate something that is irrelevant to the receiver sounds like a hopeless task. 

It is understandable that a news item can be more appealing than a description of the nitty-gritty of company activities or even values. Yet trying to compete with established news sources is not only a vain endeavour - it also rests on the fallacy that all news sources have lost credibility.

Let us give to Caesar what is Caesar's and focus our minds on what is relevant to whoever has the need or curiosity to try and find out what we do, what we stand for and how credible we are as a potential partner – business or otherwise.

Won't we do ourselves a favour if we stick to the script?

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