Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The French call it rentrée.

Back to work, in a nutshell – return to school (rentrée scolaire), return to party bickering (rentrée politique), return to new inspiring readings (rentrée littéraire) and, of course, return to the workplace (rentrée professionnelle) for new, enthralling ventures.

Not only a simple and easily pronounced word to describe a recurring event with its attendant rituals. Maybe also a bold attempt to challenge the Gregorian order which mandates that all new – and repairing – actions start on 1st January.

We know for a fact that September, not January, is the month when everything starts anew – and we thank the French for recognising that. This means that New Year promises should be brought forward to early September when people are back from long, recharging breaks.

What better occasion than now to take a stern look at how we make ourselves known online (where else?), how we inspire trust, how we showcase our credentials as a trustworthy partner – and which steps we should take to smarten things up?

Before I wrap up, you might welcome this piece of news: considering your busy schedule, my fortnightly message on corporate content will go monthly. In exchange, I hope I’ll be forgiven for adding a couple of paragraphs from time to time.

Have a great rentrée.

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