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A consistent and thoughtful coverage of business segments

"What do you do?"

Does your company’s website respond well to this question?

**Take your time to reflect about it**

It is very likely that it doesn’t, like 94% of Portuguese listed companies and 85% of the Spanish ones. Something that is quite alarming since all sorts of visitors look for this content.

Our inspiration for this matter is Husqvarna – a Swedish company leader of outdoor power products for forest, park and garden care. Something you learn just from grasping their thoughtful homepage.

Husqvarna enlightens its visitors on “what do you do” question in great fashion and high level of disclosure.

It all starts on its homepage, where the company introduces itself in short. From there, one has access to the company’s four business areas. The same four available on the top navigation menu under “About us”. Inside these business areas one finds a landing page that briefs visitors about each segment and offers a video illustrating the whole spectrum of products.

When inside each business area visitors find supporting imagery of the products, share of the group net sales and operating income and margin, strategic priorities, brands, description of end users, distribution channels and main competitors.

All this information is presented with consistency. Meaning that one can easily compare the performance, rationale and market of each business area.

Adding to this instant and comparable picture of each unit, on the same layout for each segment, Husqvarna goes the extra mile and informs visitors about the contribution, success and growth opportunities of each business area for the company.

If this wasn’t good enough, one can also easily find how the four business areas are integrated on Husqvarna’s organizational chart and who runs them.

After grasping these pages no one can say it doesn’t understand the company’s activity, market behaviour and stance towards trends.

What we appreciate on Husqvarna’s business areas presentation:

  1. Homepage introduction

  2. Consistency of labelling

  3. Consistent presentation of business areas

  4. Financial data on each business area

  5. Disclosure of strategic priorities, distribution channel and businesses' competitors

  6. Introduction about the market and trends

  7. Organizational structure of business areas

What we miss on Husqvarna’s business areas presentation:

1. Information on products, services and productions in different geographical locations

Don’t take for granted that everyone knows your business. Not even all your closest stakeholders have a clear picture of your company’s activities.

All audiences, at some point, seek this information. From students to jobseekers or individual investors. Even business journalists benefit from an introduction about a company – one that they can extract with a clear conscience and that is representative of the company’s business.

In order to build trust and enhance reputation a company needs to be clear about what it does.

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