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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Cheers to reliable information for corporate audiences!

Question: Who needs a share graph on the corporate website?

Answer: People with no access to a professional terminal.

Shareholders and analysts access share price graphs and share profile details to track market performance and potential.

Whereas institutional investors have access to professional platforms, retail investors and other non-institutional company followers, even journalists, need access to reliable and up-to-date information through other, more economic means.

Bloomberg terminal

Even though you are fine with your corporate audiences visiting third-party websites to check information about your company, you still need to offer them useful share data.

To beat alternative data sources, you may wish to follow in Carlsberg’s footsteps.

What functions should a share price graph contain?

Firstly, a share price graph should be available in HTML, display peer, industry and other comparisons, and allow the addition of indicators such as dividend payments and press releases.

Secondly, it must give access to the basic data – current price, ticker, price movements and a chart tracking prices and traded volumes over time.

Links to press releases and dividend dates add valuable information to the extent that these events impact on the share price. Peer and industry comparison are particularly relevant because it shows that your company is aware of the importance of its relative performance.

The possibility to download share price data to an Excel file is a must while both the latest trades by brokers and share performance indicators are a plus.

Find below a summary of the features one should have:

Main features:

  • Updated share price (indicating the currency)

  • Bespoke time frame and data since listing

  • Share price while hovering

  • Trade volumes

  • Dividend dates possible to add to the graph line

  • Earnings dates possible to add to the graph line

  • Press releases possible to add to the graph line

  • Comparison with principal peers

  • Comparison with sector and principal indices

  • Possibility to download price data to an Excel sheet

Extra features:

  • Diagram type

  • Moving averages

  • Share price performance

  • Latest trades

  • Investment calculator

  • Data from alternative markets and other stock markets

Which share data should I publish beside the share graph?

Despite the basic details such as the ticker codes and current share price, there are several other useful details to profile your company’s share.

Other details include market capitalisation, industry, number of shares, exchanges where the shares are traded and the indices of which the share is a component.

A FAQ section is always relevant. Try to gather the most common questions from analysts, investors and current shareholders on conferences and meetings and publish them with the respective answers on your company’s website under a clear label.

Where do I get a share price graph?

On this count you might say we are biased. Sinóptica has partnered with Euroland IR because it has recognised the superiority of its investor tools (share price graphs included).

In our view, Euroland IR provides responsive, well-designed and helpful share price graphs that come complete with 24/7 support.

Head for Euroland IR’s website to discover more about their tools:

//Use the following contact to know more about C-Tracker:

André Nunes

Head of C-Tracker

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