Tip#1. Corporate video

Corporate does not mean dull.

You find me very attractive

Video is a powerful medium. If properly done, it creates a wow effect, gives messages added force and is easier to share. If you have not embraced video yet, now is the time to do it. Start big – with the identity of your company, its activities or its work environment. I give you below a few examples for inspiration.

Pernod Ricard

Let’s start with the overview of the company. Pernod Ricard published a video of its CEO Alexandre Ricard introducing the company on a selfie mode. This is a solution that is consistent with the brand and presents the company well.


The company's series of career videos uses the “TOO MUCH” theme to encourage candidates to be themselves. The merger of company values with what is expected from candidates gives a powerful insight into the company as a workplace.

Telia Company

The Swedish telco introduces the company to candidates by focusing on its vision and values. The short clip shows employees and the work environment while the script and background music engage with the audience. It is not as innovative as its release of the 360º visit of the office but it is more informative and engaging.


This other Swedish telco produced a piece at the opposite end of the tone spectrum. I'll let you judge it, but I can tell you one thing – it is not boring.

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