Tip #2. Homepage

5 homepages that are up to our expectations.

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How many exciting corporate homepages have you seen? Not that many, I presume. If you think it’s because corporate is a serious business, you are wrong. Corporate interaction is certainly serious business, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be dull.

The difficulty is to strike a balance between creativity and usability. Visitors should feel both overwhelmed and informed as they search for the information they need.

Here are 5 homepages that are up to our expectations: 1. Sampo

Finnish insurance group Sampo displays a homepage that highlights latest news and upcoming events and links to the core content with a pleasant and contemporary design.

2. Hikma

The website of this British healthcare company has a modern design that gladly uses white space and unconventional grids. Simply a fine instance of boldness and originality.

3. Ørsted

This Danish green-energy company features a corporate video, latest news with date and time, regulatory releases, updated share price and general contacts.


This French company never stops to improve. Design is probably their next frontier, but content is mostly in place and easy to reach. Anything missing on this homepage?

5. Tele2

Simple animation can work wonders. The latest press releases pop up like TV news and feel up to date. This telecom operator has a strong brand and the homepage is consistent with that.

Bonus: Ageas

This Belgium insurance group has a colourful homepage that links to the main sections of the website. The diversity of the blocks and well thought out linkages enhance navigation.

It’s not easy to pick one homepage that embodies all our ideals. So, if you are confused about what we value on a corporate homepage, I’m happy to take a moment to explain it.

We preach for a homepage that represents the company’s brand, has that wow factor, offers the most relevant content and takes a serious approach to navigation.

Take this checklist of our criteria for a homepage that will exceed the expectations of your audiences:

  1. Introduction of the company

  2. Links to main sections

  3. Latest financial report

  4. Latest press releases

  5. Latest stories and news

  6. Updated share price

  7. Upcoming events

  8. General contacts

  9. Social media links

Feel free to contact us if you need help with your homepage.

//Use the following contact to know more about C-Tracker:

André Nunes


Head of C-Tracker

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