Tip #4. Company overview

From introduction to milestones and contacts.

When the parts make the whole. Photo by Mali Maeder

A company introduction is among the most important pieces of content for stakeholders. They are useful for prospective employees, journalists, new investors and customers. It should be as complete as possible regarding to who the company is, what it does, where it came from and what it stands for.

Neglecting the company’s presentation to stakeholders can be a big mistake today as customers tend to buy from those they relate the most with and purpose is more linked to business than ever.

So, who’s your company and why is it here for?

Company overview 101

A company overview is basically the whole “About us” section of a website. Its rationale is to provide a full picture of the company’s identity as an institution and business. This content is all about traits, hard data and history and nothing about the company’s policies or stories.

Who your company represents in the society is what is going to make your stakeholders bond or disregard you as a company. Hence, it is your opportunity to tell its purpose and vision in a compelling and open manner.

Make sure you have a section for it on the company’s website and name it according to common practice: “who we are”, "we are", “about”, “about us” or “companyname”.

Architecture of a company overview section

A homepage is always the safe harbour of visitors when browsing through a website. Because of that, it is the best page to publish a short descriptive text of who the company is and what it does. See example of VINCI.

The rest of the information should be available under a dedicated section. This section can be organized almost as you please. It can be a one-page long scroll or a series of tabs, one for each piece of content.

In order to declutter content and ease the search for visitors we are fonder of the tab solution. Either way, this is the content you shouldn’t miss to provide to your website’s visitors:

  1. Company introduction in text

  2. Company presentation in video

  3. Operational and financial data highlights

  4. Strategy, purpose/mission, vision and values

  5. Competitive environment

  6. Brand identity

  7. Overview of business areas

  8. Organizational structure

  9. Geographical presence

  10. History with milestones

  11. Contacts and locations

Keep an eye out for upcoming releases of C-Tracker’s newsletter to learn more about what content goes into each one the items above.

5 inspirations from some of Europe's greatest practitioners

1. Clickable homepage description - VINCI

The homepage aka: "the safe harbour of your website’s visitors", should have a short statement of the company’s activities. Here, VINCI provides a clickable one that links to a dedicated page with more details about the company.

2. Two-minute-long corporate video - Pernod Ricard

Video is on high demand and Pernod Ricard’s corporate video featuring the CEO introducing the company is one of our favourites. It is modern, on brand, informative and most of all engaging.

3. Each business area presented with financials - Wärtsilä

We doubt that other company presents on its introduction the impact of its different business areas as well as Wärtsilä. However, for a more thorough review of each business area we prefer other players like the Swedish Husqvarna or the British Informa.

4. Competitive environment - Husqvarna

Very few companies provide an introduction to its market and even less talk about their competitors. Husqvarna promptly describes its market and trends on its introduction and names its competitors for each business area.

For a detailed description of the market position we recommend Telia Company.

5. Illustrated history and milestones - BMW

The German automobile manufacturer we all know provides an interactive history based on commented milestones enriched with large images.

Another good example is the Italian Oil & Gas company Eni that shares the history of its distinctive logo and an interactive journey through its milestones.

Drop us a line if you're curious to learn more. And as always, thank you for your time.

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