Tip #5. Financial calendar

To keep stakeholders in the loop.

People following a company's development expect to be updated about any earnings releases, investor presentations or events that may influence their judgement of the company or its activities.

A well-designed and up-to-date calendar is the perfect support to hold information about future events and reporting dates. This calendar should include future and past reports’ release dates, annual general meetings, dividend payment dates, roadshows, capital market days and other investor presentations and meetings such as industry conferences. 

A subscription service and the ability to download events to a personal digital calendar are two useful features to bear in mind when designing a calendar for corporate events.

We like these three financial calendars:


The calendar of this UK health care company is easily accessible from the top navigation menu and provides a filtering function for each type of event together with a download feature. Past events are also easy to grasp, which allows visitors to predict upcoming releases and meetings.


This Finnish retailer provides a vendor solution that is complete in detail and functionalities. Although the company fails to disclose upcoming dividend dates and investor meetings, it highlights the next event, offers a subscription service on the spot, a category filter for different types of events and a download feature for each type of digital calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar or iCalendar). We particularly like the archive of past events that links events to more information including presentations.

Erste Group

This Austrian banking group informs clearly about upcoming and past events. Reports release dates, dividend dates and date of upcoming AGM are all available with a download feature. Past dates are archived under each year – a practice that eases the search for any given event. A significant improvement would be the disclosure of investor presentations and conferences.

The financial/investor calendar is a piece of content that should be available on all corporate websites of listed companies. Its importance is such that some companies provide a link to the calendar on the homepage.

Follow the example of these three companies, ideally combining their most outstanding strengths in a way that will exceed the expectations of your investor audiences.

If this whets your appetite for more, drop us a line. We will happy to help.

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