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Thoughtful reporting of sustainable practices

There are many ways to report on a company’s contribution to sustainable development. Unilever follows broadly accepted initiatives such as UN SDGs, which bring together its engagement with a variety of environmental and social issues.

Unilever starts its sustainability reporting on a blunt note that reads: “Business growth should not be at the expense of people and the planet. That’s why we’re changing the way we do business, and why we want to change the way business is done.”

After this bold initial statement, the company goes on to explain its stance, reporting practices, targets and record – never failing to link to more information delivered with interactive content.

The journey, if a bit winding, lets visitors access content according to their preferences while understanding the company’s initiatives on each issue. On a dedicated page, Unilever introduces the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and explains what the company is doing to reach each one.

How SDGs can benefit your communication

The United Nation’s SDGs are a useful framework to guide one's efforts and communicate environmental and social initiatives. Meet them here and here.

You can upload the actual logos to your website. They will help your audiences to recognise your work and realize you are responding to societal issues.

If you think SDGs do not apply to you or your business, you are wrong. Try this UN’s Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World and start doing your part.

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