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More important than compensation when looking for a job

If Christmas for itself doesn’t make you want to share and get closer to your stakeholders maybe today’s topic will.

This time we will focus on prospective employees, also known as jobseekers. On this category of stakeholders you have: students, young graduates, young professionals, senior professionals and all those who want to make a difference to your company.

Why providing careers related content

On a time where talent is highly valued it would be natural to see companies pitching themselves as the best place to work at. However, that is not the case. Careers’ content continues to be one of the most scarce along with corporate social responsibility information.

“Attracting human capital – or talent – is not an easy pursuit. Although no model is obviously superior to all others, we know that regular interactions are essential to engaging current and future team players.”

In Capital, About C newsletter from 20 of March 2018

There are several thesis on the importance of human capital and its impact on a company’s competitive advantage. Many come to the same conclusions: Human capital for its uniqueness and impact on companies’ processes and stakeholder relationships can be the ultimate competitive advantage of a company.

If that is the case, shouldn’t you be spoiling talent with benefits and marvellous working conditions so they want to stick to you?

Description of work environment

Just like a product page or item, a careers page, section or microsite should be as descriptive as possible. After all, it is intended to explain what the life of future employees will look like and for that it should not be underrated.

According to some surveys, a company’s work environment is the most important piece of information for people that are considering applying for a job.

Among others, a work environment description should include references to the number of employees, offices layout, culture and mobility options. It is also a good practice to share this information on social media channels in relevant posts in order to increase visibility and engagement.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom communicates its credentials as an employer quite well. In fact, Deutsche Telekom as an employer is exactly the name of the page where it sells the company as a good place to work.

There, you find the number of employees updated to the previous year, number of countries where it is present and an instant job search with filtering options.

From the same page you can access information about what the company stands for, its culture, work-life balance, benefits, testimonials and more. Work-life balance is one of those items and a trendy topic under which we can find the description of the Deutsche Telekom’s working conditions.

Deutsche Telekom thoroughly describes its working conditions explaining its stance towards flexible working hours, partial retirement, part-time responsibilities, parental leave, working from home policy or office services.

"Make something of your life. This is easier said than done when it comes to reconciling professional career and personal challenges. Time conflicts are unavoidable. With our flexible working time models, we offer you the opportunity to deal with your time in a more self-determined way so that you can concentrate better on the respective challenge."

In Deutsche Telekom's Flexible working hours

The company also discloses the support it offers to its employees’ family as well as social and welfare initiatives.

Other references for work environment description

It’s hard to find one company that checklists all the required information by stakeholders for a careers section. Nevertheless, we see decent all-round practices such as the one of Snam we ‘ve shared earlier.

For the description of working environment we also recommend:

Tieto – For putting a HR contact upfront and sharing 360º videos of its offices

Orsted – For disclosing employees survey results

Sanofi – For sharing testimonials of its employees in video

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